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Sidney Lashes

Sidney Lashes

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🔪 "What's your favorite scary movie?" As the infamous Ghostface uttered these chilling words, Sidney Prescott became a symbol of strength and resilience. Now, you can capture her iconic final girl allure with our "Sidney" Lashes. Just like Sidney, these lashes stand strong in the face of fear, offering a cat-eye intensity that's truly scream-worthy.

- 🔪 Knife-Edge Precision: Crafted for that iconic Sidney cat-eye, these lashes frame your eyes like a well-sharpened blade, ready to cut through the suspense.
- 🎬 Scream-Proof Resilience: Handcrafted to withstand any scream-inducing moment, these lashes stay put through every twist and turn of your night.
- 💄📞Easy Application, No Calls: Applying these lashes is a breeze, no need for Ghostface-style phone calls to figure it out.
- ♻️ Reusable for Sequels: Just like Sidney's enduring spirit, our lashes are built to last through multiple appearances, whether it's part one, two, or beyond.

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