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Slay-er Gloss

Slay-er Gloss

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🪓 "Slay-er" Lip Gloss: A Horror Movie Icon for Your Lips

🎬 "Here's Johnny!"... Or Rather, Here's 'Slay-er':
Step into the heart-pounding world of horror movies with "Slay-er" Lip Gloss. Just like the fearless characters who slay their way through the screen, this lip gloss will have you ready for any scream-worthy moment.

🔪 "It's Showtime!":
Get ready to shine with this midnight black lip gloss, infused with holographic glitter. It's the kind of shade that says, "I'm the final girl, and I've got this."

🪄 "Witch, Please!":
Whether you're feeling like a witch from "The Craft" or a vampire slayer from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Slay-er" adds that supernatural touch to your look. Your lips will be as spellbinding as the movies themselves.

🎃 Features:

  • Homemade elixir for nourished, healed lips that slay.
  • Bewitching black hue with holographic glitter for a killer look.
  • Perfectly pairs with vibrant red lip liner for an extra dose of bad-ass.
  • Comfortable to wear all day or night, ensuring your lips are ready for any horror marathon.

With "Slay-er" Lip Gloss, you're not just wearing makeup; you're embodying the spirit of iconic horror movies. Whether you're hunting vampires, casting spells, or just embracing your inner bad-ass, your lips will slay the scene. 💄🔪🌙

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