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Sister Gloss

Sister Gloss

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All proceeds go directly to our sister who is fighting Breast Cancer 


This gloss is very special to us. It’s named after my beautiful and strong Sister who is currently fighting breast cancer. If you know my sister Amy, you know that she is a giving, loving, do anything for anyone child of God. I’ve seen her go above and beyond for every single person in her life since I was born. The last 2 years have been rough for her. But she is pushing through and fighting like the strong warrior that she is! All of the proceeds from this gloss will be going directly to her to help with whatever she may need while she fights. Even if we have to sneak the cash in her purse 🤣 ! If you can’t buy a gloss, don’t worry :) we would be so grateful for a prayer! We love you so much sister. 

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