About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Lash Me Cosmetics, a fam-owned biz started by two ultra-passionate cousins with big dreams. We're all about makeup that doesn't just level up your look, but also boosts those feel-good vibes. Our mission? Make everyone using our products feel confident, fierce, and powerful 🌈

Our story began in 2019 with a humble budget of $47, and we've been grinding ever since. Our lineup includes handmade lip glosses, bomb false eyelashes, and cosmetics. We're super proud to be an inclusive brand that's all about empowering you through makeup that lets your inner beauty shine.

We’re more than just a cosmetics brand – we're a community. Our squad of talented artists are on a mission to inspire you, challenge beauty norms, and celebrate all the ways makeup can transform how we see ourselves and how we present to the world. Our tight-knit community of artists and beauty enthusiasts is here for you, sharing their love for our fabulous products and committed to nurturing your beauty journey. We thrive on mutual support and growth - with us, you're not just a customer, you're part of the Lash Me family.

At Lash Me, we're all about family. To us, family means more than just shared DNA—it's about supporting each other, celebrating each other's wins, and standing together through challenges. As a family-owned business, we're committed to not just creating quality cosmetics, but also to fostering a supportive community for you, our extended family. Every time you choose our products, you're not only embracing your unique beauty but also joining us in our journey of uplifting and providing opportunities for our family. We're passionate about making a positive impact, one lip gloss, one lash at a time. Here's to celebrating beauty, togetherness, and the power of family 🥂.

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Lash Me Cosmetics 💖