Collection: Slash Me

🔪 Introducing the SLASH ME Collection 🔪

Elevate your Halloween glamour to spine-tingling heights with our exclusive "SLASH ME" collection. This hauntingly captivating assortment embodies the chilling spirit of the Scream movie franchise, delivering a blend of nostalgia and edgy style that's perfect for the Halloween season and beyond. Explore the epitome of horror-chic as you dive into our bewitching lineup of products:

👁️ Sidney Lashes: Transform your gaze into one that could rival the final girl's with our Sidney Lashes. These dramatic, fluttery lashes will add an air of mystery and allure to your eyes, perfect for achieving that iconic Sidney Prescott look.

🎃 Trick or Treat Gloss: Indulge in the nostalgia of Halloween with our Trick or Treat Gloss. This orange gloss adorned with Jack-o'-lanterns boasts a delightful chocolate candy flavor, capturing the essence of trick-or-treating and providing a spooktacular shine to your lips.

🔪 Slay-er Gloss: Unveil killer lips with our Slay-er Gloss. This seductive gloss promises a dramatic, bold finish that commands attention. Its long-lasting formula ensures your lips stay captivating all night long.

💡 Gloss Face Gloss: Illuminate your supernatural beauty with our Gloss Face Gloss. This ethereal shimmering powder will have you glowing like a phantom, ensuring your enchantment endures even beyond the witching hour.

Join us as we resurrect the thrill of the Scream movie era and bring you a collection that encapsulates the essence of Halloween nostalgia. Don't miss your chance to make a bold statement this season and beyond with the "SLASH ME" collection. 🌙🎃

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